Fantasy Weddings

Prices for weddings vary on pickup time, date and location. Please call us to discuss the best way to include a horse drawn carriage on your special day. Below is a copy of the terms on our contract, so that you can be fully informed.
Your Exit...
Every little girl dreams of that perfect day when her own Prince Charming sweeps her up and whisks her away. You can imagine a "great escape" as you exit through the crowd to enter an elegant white horse drawn carriage. You will pause for memorable photographs before being driven away, relaxing to the rhythmic clip-clop of the handsome horse.
The Entrance:
Imagine how your guests' heads will turn as they hear the sound of the hooves clipping up the road. To their surprise, they spy an elegant Victorian carriage drawn by the most magnificent creature. They can only imagine that a fairy tale has come true.

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For safety reasons, we will not operate on streets where the speed limit is over 35 mph. No sparklers, can spray string or party poppers may be used at anytime the horse is present. You should ask your guests to not hit or throw anything at the horse during your exit. Hitting the horse will make the horse move causing you to be caught off balance and fall. You will be charged for any damages to the horse or carriage resulting from you or your guest. The horse will be allowed to rest 10 minutes of each additional hour requested after two hours of service. Additional decorations and signs may only be attached with string, ribbon or clear tape. Nothing will be allowed to drag on the ground or be long enough to entangle in the wheels. Convenience fees charged on credit cards are not refundable.

$ ________ Booking Deposit Fee: Will set aside the time and date for your event. This fee is applied to your service cost. This fee is refundable only if you cancel within ____ days of payment or if Austin Carriage cancels service due to excessive wet weather. Office fees are non refundable. We have a soft top to cover the carriage in the event of light rain or harsh sun light. If the weather is questionable, call 243-0044 before _________ to discuss with us if we will be able to provide you service. Austin Carriage reserves the right to make all final decisions on any weather cancellations.

*$ ________ Service Fee: You will have up to ______ minutes of service time before any over time is due. ANY TIME CHANGES MUST BE IN WRITING OR RECORDED PHONE CALL. NO TIME CHANGES WITHOUT NOTICE OF TIME CHANGE. We will try to accommodate your new schedule if we can. We will arrive about 10-15 minutes before your requested time of arrival so that the horse may rest. You may have access to the carriage for adding decorations at this time.

*$ ________ Additional And Over Time: A charge of $100.00 per hour for each additional hour(s) you requested. If you go into over time, the fee will be $25.00 for each quarter hour or any part there of. Over time will continue until the horse is able to leave. The service you have requested may take up to _____ minutes. You may tour around with any time you have left or go directly to your destination. Please let your driver know your plans.

*$ ________ Delivery, Return Or Trucking Fee: If service is canceled during the event due to excessive wet weather, the delivery fee, service time used and convenience fees will be paid.

$ ________ *Total Cost (gratuity And Over Time Not Included) 

$ ________ Office Fee ( 5% Added To Any Credit Card Charge) 

$ ________ Less Payment Made On Receipt #________________.

$________  Balance Due Before _______________

To avoid cancellation for non payment, all fees must be paid at least 2 weeks before the event date unless special arrangements have been made. Payments made within 2 weeks of the event date must be paid with a money order, cashier's check or by credit card. A fee of $20.00 will be applied to any returned checks. If you agree please sign and date:
Blanks are filled in after receiving a down payment or payment in full.