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Holiday Reservations (12/5 through 12/31 & 2/12 through 2/16):

  • If you are not planning any other event for that evening, then we suggest you meet us at 4th and Congress Avenue. There is a paid parking lot available at this location and there is also metered parking in the area but availability may be limited on a busy evening. We start receiving reservations two to three weeks in advance for these special occasions. If you want to be guaranteed a specific date and time then we suggest you reserve early. There is some free city parking in the area but don't depend on finding any available on a busy evening. All reservations are PAID IN ADVANCE ON YOU CREDIT CARD. 
  • Seasonal holiday services require a fee for making any changes or cancelling your original reservation. We will try to make the change for you but can not guarantee your requested change is available.
  • These​ reservations are pre-paid and require an additional reservation fee $25.00. Cancel your reservation with a 24 hour notice and you will be refunded the service fee.  If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice then there will be NO refunds.  If Austin Carriage has to cancel due to weather conditions you will receive a full refund of all fees. 
  • There is a fee of $20.00 per carriage for making any changes to your reservation.  Changes can only be made if Austin Carriage can confirm availability on the new date or time.  While we can not guarantee any changes can be made, all change request must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the service departure time and must be handled on an individual basis through EMAIL ONLY.  Day of service phone calls will bot be allowed for making changes.
  • We will email you an invoice on a secure site to  prepay your reservation. The invoice will give you all the information needed to complete your request listing the time, date, location and cancellation cost.  You will need to respond to the email within the time frame allowed to complete your reservation. 
  • To make a request for a reservation you may call  512-243-0044 or email us.  CALLS are faster as we only have time to do emails once or twice a day. 

Special Occasion Reservations:

  • These Reservations are held on a credit card and you may pay the cash price to the driver at time of service.
  • Please make sure to check in with your driver within the first 5 minutes of your reservation to avoid your card being charged full price.
  • If you notify us at least TWO HOURS BEFORE your reservation time we may be able to modify your reservation time. We may NOT be able to accommodate the new time when other parties have reservations. You can either cancel your reservation and AVOID PAYING ANYTHING for the ride or you can ride that part of your reserved time that fits your new schedule.

    Other notes:

    In the event of excessive wet weather WE WILL CALL YOU to let you know that we are unable to provide you with service. If the rain is light there is a soft top to protect you from the weather. A rain out cancellation is allowed up to 30 minutes before your ride IF you call us to let us know that you feel it is too wet for your group to ride. Of course with the courtesy of a phone call there is no cancellation fee nor do you have to rearrange for another date. If you don't give us proper notice (we record phone calls with changes to insure accuracy) you will be charged full price for the time the driver is sitting and waiting for you.

Birthdays, Proms, Engagements, & Anniversaries 

Austin Carriage would love to give your special occasion that added extra touch. Please visit our Locations Page for suggestions on restaurants and hotels that are easily accessible to our services. You may want to allow at least 2 hours for dinner, in advance of your scheduled departure time.

Please see our special occasion reservation notes at the bottom of this page for more information.

Special Occasions & Events

Service Outside Of The Downtown Area

Austin Carriage can travel to your special event with in 100 miles of downtown.  Time, date, and location effects the cost. When you  are requesting service outside of the downtown area, we suggest that you book at least a month in advance. Please call us for pricing and to discuss the details of your event.


Historic Tours, Romantic Rides

& Transportation Services

Austin Carriage

Christmas & Valentines Reservations

​What better way to celebrate a special occasion than a beautiful horse drawn carriage ride through the festive streets of Austin? We start receiving holiday reservations 3-4 weeks in advance, so if you want to be guaranteed a special date and time, then we suggest reserving early.

Please see our holiday reservation notes at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Phone: 512-243-0044   or



Special events such as proms, anniversaries, corporate parties and picnics, private parties, or church activities; Austin Carriage can help you with your plans for that little something extra. We extend our services to include most areas around Austin. Please call us if you would like ideas on how to include a horse drawn carriage in your event.

Please join Austin Carriage for our annual Blue Santa Toy Drive, the 2nd Wednesday in December, from 6:30-10:00 pm, picking up at the Central Downtown Fire Station at the corner of 5th and Trinity. You can exchange a new unwrapped gift ($10 value or more, please) for each passenger to receive a FREE carriage ride. The rides are about 15 to 20 minutes long depending on demand. Seating capacity is up to 6 adult passengers and children under 4 may sit on a lap and are not counted as a seated passenger. Please come and help provide a merry Christmas to a deserving child!